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FLUORO-SORB adsorbent is a proprietary, NSF-certified adsorption media that is proven to effectively treat multiple variants of PFAS. Unlike other sorbent products that are selective and unpredictable in adsorbing PFAS, FLUORO-SORB adsorbent binds the entire spectrum of PFAS and in a wide variety of removal and remediation processes.  With a specially modified surface, FLUORO-SORB adsorbent resists competitive adsorption from other water and sediment contaminants making it a more effective and efficient choice. FLUORO-SORB applications are versatile, with deployment available in the following methods:

  • Flow-through filtration technology for drinking and/or groundwater 

  • Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) for passive groundwater 

  • In-situ stabilization for source zone treatment

  • Injection within a groundwater plume

  • Within a CETCO REACTIVE CORE MAT® composite geotextile mat for sediment capping  

  • Pre- or post-treatment in connection with other treatment media  




  • Fast kinetics, with an effective empty bed contact time (EBCT) of 2-3 minutes, resulting in less media and a smaller footprint to achieve the same treatment goal as a longer EBCT media.

  • Limited to no effect from co-contaminants. See FS-102 on Effect of Co-Contaminants and Water Chemistry.

  • Greater sorption capacity than leading medias, allowing for a longer media bedlife and less frequent changeouts. See FS-105 for Results of the Orange County Water District Pilot Study

  • Cost effective as compared to other leading medias, with less media and less frequent changeouts required to achieve similar performance.

PFAS remediation, sediment remediation, reactive core mat, tektoseal

FLUORO-SORB can be deployed as a water filtration media within a vessel, insitu via a permeable reactive barrier or as an amendment to treat source areas via solidification/stabilization, as an injectable media to treat plumes, and within a REACTIVE CORE MAT® composite geotextile mat to contain impacted sediments.

Fluorosorb, Rembind, activated carbon, PFAS adsorption

FLUORO-SORB is commercially available in multiple particle sizes, depending on the application. 

Contact us for a Project-Specific Performance Estimate

Let us help evaluate how FluoroSorb will perform with your application. We can estimate the bed life for a water/wastewater filtration system or a permeable reactive barrier. Please complete the FluoroSorb Usage Estimate Request form below and email it to for a quick response. 

FluoroSorb Technical Data Sheet

FluoroSorb Reactive Core Mat

TR - FluoroSorb Adsorption of Dissolved PAH Compounds

TR - FluoroSorb Comparison to GAC and IX Resin

TR - FluoroSorb Kinetics Isotherm Study

FluoroSorb Loading/Conditioning

TR - FluoroSorb Sorption of Dissolved PCB Congeners

TR - FluoroSorb Adsorption Capacity at
High PFAS Concentrations

TR - FluoroSorb Effect of Co-Contaminants

TR - FluoroSorb OCWD Pilot Study

TR - McGill University Groundwater Study on PFAS Treatment Solutions

FluoroSorb Adsorbent Estimate
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