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Sediment Remediation

Remediation of contaminated sediment can be one of the most challenging environmental concerns. Contaminated sediment sites are often large and complex. Due to concerns over contaminant re-suspension, dewatering and final disposal, dredging may only be considered as only a component of the remedy. In-situ treatment and capping of contaminated sediment offers many benefits. Vadose Remediation Technologies can assist you in the design of active sediment cap and modeling the anticipated cap design life.

REACTIVE CORE MAT™ (RCM) is a permeable composite mat consisting of reactive material(s) encapsulated between polypropylene textiles, which are needlepunch reinforced, ensuring stability and consistency of the interior media. RCM is available with a variety of active materials including ORGANOCLAY®, Apatite, Fluoro-Sorb, and Granular Activated Carbon. 

RCM is easily deployable over large areas. Rolls are 15 ft x 100 ft with a consistent, quality controlled mass per unit area for the required media. Click to learn more about RCM.

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SedFirst formulations are developed to stabilize sand-based isolation capping of sediment, minimize dredging-related resuspended sediment, and efficiently transport Organoclay®, Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) and Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) amendments through the water column for in-situ placement with a sand matrix.  Click to learn more about SedFirst.

sedfirst, powdered activated carbon, PAC, sediment capping


The Triton Marine Mattress System is designed for demanding conditions associated with erosion control armoring and submerged foundation projects. These systems have been widely used for revetment applications, as well as scour protection and channel linings.


Applications include erosion protection for sediment caps, shoreline scour protection in both fresh and salt water, stream and canal channel lining, revetment on irregular and soft subgrades, rapid installation or emergency repairs.

triton marine mattress, sediment erosion, armoring, scouring, channel lining
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